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Activities & Tours on Thulusdhoo Island

Staying on a local island is a brilliant choice for those wanting to really experience the local Maldivian lifestyle. Our Maldives Guesthouse offers you the real Maldivian experience. Along with the organized tours and activities, there is the freedom to simply do things your own way in your own time. Mingle and chat or play games with the locals, see what’s on at the islands sporting grounds, ride bikes, go for a jog or simply relax in the shade. A fire on the beach cooking some fresh fish while enjoying the rising of the moon is a recommended way to spend the evening.

Enjoy the Beach on Thulusdhoo

The beaches of Thulusdhoo Island are just as picturesque as on the resort islands. Our guesthouse is located directly by the sea and the beautiful Cokes Beach. You can go snorkeling in the clear blue water, relax in a sunbed, get some tan or just enjoy the tranquility. Is it allowed to swim in Bikini? Yes it is!

Watch the sunset

Relax on he beach
(Bikinis allowed)

Island Bike Tour

Try local food


Some of the clearest and warmest water in the world, along with an abundance of fish and coral species has made the Maldives world famous for Snorkeling and Diving. Manta rays and the occasional harmless Whale Shark feed on the plankton while the many smaller fish species of diverse shapes and colors swim amongst the vivid coral. The larger reef fish are friendly and inquisitive. There are deep drop offs into the abyss where the largest fish dwell or excellent shallow water snorkeling options where the smaller and most colorful species dwell.


Fishing is one of the great attractions to the Maldives. Strict laws against non-sustainable commercial fishing methods have helped these Atolls retain an abundance of marine life. Thulusdoo has a number of diverse fishing boats targeting everything from large Marlin, Sailfish and Yellowfin Tuna, along with smaller pelagic species such as Trevally, Barracuda and Rainbow runner. Night time fishing excursions target bottom feeding reef fish. These species can be found within close proximity to the island.

Dolphin Watching

On Thulusdhoo Island you have the unique oportunity to see dolphins just in front of the beach. Keep your eyes open while relaxing at the dining area to catch a glimpse of these friendly creatures. If you want you can go on a boat tour to see the dolphins even closer and experience the sounds of the highly intelligent mammals that seem to smile at you while jumping out of the water.

Island Tour

For such a small island, Thulusdhoo has a surprising amount of recreational and Industrial activity to see and enjoy. Our island tours aim to show just how the local Maldivian lives, the best, and the more difficult aspects of life in these isolated atolls. Check out the industry including fish drying factories, boat building yards, sea cucumber processing, the Maldives sole Coca-Cola factory and the agricultural section. You can visit the school, the power house, and learn of the islands history.


You are fortunate to have some of the best surfing spots of Maldives right in front of Thulusdhoo Island. Jump into the clear blue water and enjoy the waves. Cokes and Chickens are well known by surfing communities all over the world. There are spots which are suitable for beginners and for advanced surfers.

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